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since 05/10/2016

Yeshivat Noam Parent Association Executive Board

  Jennie Mohl, YNPA Co-President

  Cindy Forgash, YNPA Co-President

  Carmen Neuer, Treasurer

  Malkie Benson, YNPA Board Member

  Paula Cohen, YNPA Board

  Aviva Edelstein, YNPA Board Member

  Shira Forman , YNPA Board Member

  Erica Fox, YNPA Board Member

  Batsheva Glick, YNPA Board Member

  Karen Goldberg, YNPA Board Member

  Estee Hirsch, YNPA Board Member

  Erica Markovitz, YNPA Board Member

  Bena Schwartz, YNPA Board Member

  Sharona Schulder, YNPA Board Member

  Shira Shatzkes, YNPA Board Member
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